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Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Eastern Connecticut, Inc.
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Immediate Assistance
If the assault took place recently and you are in need of immediate assistance, we can accompany you to the hospital for a medical exam and support you through the process of reporting the crime to the appropriate law enforcement agency, if you choose to do so. We will explain your rights to you and discuss your options with you so that you may make informed decisions and choices. We will support you in making your own decisions as to what, if any, action you wish to take; we are here to provide you with information, understanding and support.

Help for Adults
If you are the victim of a recent assault which occurred within the past 120 hours, you may choose to go to your local hospital to receive medical care and evidence collection, at no cost. You do not have to immediately decide whether or not you wish to file a report of assault to the police in order to receive this service. If you call our hotline, we will meet you at the emergency department, to provide you with support and information. 
Help for Young Adults
Help for Parents/Caregivers
If you have been assaulted and are unsure what to do or where to turn for help, please call our hotline. You will reach one of our certified counselors who can provide you with support, and provide you with the information you need to make decisions that are right for you.  

Contrary to common belief, most college students are assaulted by someone they know, such as a friend, an acquaintance or  a classmate, not by a stranger.

If you are a college student, a student at the CGA or stationed at the Groton SubBase, we can provide you with a specially trained counselor/advocate who is familiar with the policies and staff  of these entities.

If you contact us, your call will remain private and confidential. We will never share information unless you request us to do so.
Sexual abuse of children is, unfortunately, a problem that affects boys and girls of all ages, ethnicities, and social and economic groups. The majority of perpetrators are male, and most often someone known and trusted by the family.

A child's report of sexual abuse is often emotionally overwhelming for non-offending parents.  Although it will not be easy, it is important for you to remain as calm and supportive of your child as possible. It is also important to avoid asking your child detailed questions about the abuse, and to avoid confronting the perpetrator.

In Connecticut, child sexual abuse investigations are conducted by a team of professionals which includes law enforcement and DCF. Our counselors can provide you and your child with support and information during this difficult time.

Link to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center:
Link to the CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence